Audio Equipment

Audio Equipment

Get Quality Audio Equipment Rental Services

Hosting a meeting and need to rent high quality audio equipment?


Self Powered Speaker (25watt)
Self Powered Speaker (90watt)


Hand Held w/cable
Presidential Podium Mic
UHF Wireless Lav/Hand Held
Shure UHFR Wireless Combo
Table Mic Stand
Floor Mic Stand
Boom Mic Stand
Push to Talk Mic Push to Talk Base Station
Countryman E6 (headset mic for use with wireless mic)


100 Watt Mono
300 Watt Stereo
Good for 2 – 4 speakers, up to 12 inputs
4 Channel Mono
8 Channel Stereo
12 Channel Stereo
16 Channel Stereo
16 Channel Stereo – Digital
24 Channel Stereo
24 Channel Stereo – Digital
32 Channel Stereo
32 Channel Stereo – Digital
Other Mixers Available Please Call


Self Powered Speaker (25watt)
Self Powered Speaker (90watt)
Self Powered Speaker (300watt)
Full Range Passive 300 Watt Capacity
Full Range 1000 Watt Capacity
Sub Woofer 300 Watt Powered
Sub Woofer passive 1000 Watt Capacity
Speaker Stands
DV DOSC L-Accoustics Line Array System
Cobra Dynacord Line Array System


Single 300 Watt Powered Speaker
2 Speaker, 100 Watt, 4 Channel Mixer
2 Speaker, 300 Watt, 8 Channel Mixer
4 Speaker, 600 Watt, 8 Channel Mixer
4 Speaker, 4000 Watt, 12 Channel Mixer
8 Speaker, 4500 Watt, 16 Channel Mixer


1/3 Octave EQ
Compressor Limiter Gate
Power Conditioner
Parametric EQ
Digital Feedback Eliminating Active EQ
4 Channel Mic Snake 100′
8 Channel Mic Snake 100′
12 Channel Mic Snake 100′
16 Channel Mic Snake 100′
Digital Snake Head
Mult Box
Clear Com Stations
Wireless Com station with 4 belt packs
Hearing Impaired Assisted Listening

Audio Players/Recorders

Digital Audio Recorder (MP3/WAV)
CD Player
Other Systems and Accessories Available; Please call for Pricing

If you need audiovisual service — think AVVR.