Video Equipment

Video Equipment

Top-Notch Video Equipment Rental Services

If you need video equipment for hosting an event for a short duration, why buy when you can rent? Contact AVVR Inc. today and you’ll get the top-quality video equipment in record time! Benefit from our 24-hour emergency services. Call us at 952-814-9898 for more information on video equipment rental and other services.


DVD Player
Blu-ray Player
Media Player
Professional Full HD Hard Drive Recorder
Mac with Playback Pro

LCD Monitor/TV

20″ Class
27″ Class
30″ Class
40″ Class
50″ Class
60″ Class
70″ Class
80″ Class
90″ Class

LCD / Plasma Stands

Small Floor stand (up to 50 lbs.)
Large Floor stand (up to 100 lbs.)
Truss Stand (up to 150 lbs.)

CAMCORDERS: Different Formats Available

Consumer Camcorder
Commercial Camcorder
Professional Camcorder
Broadcast Camcorder


Document Camera
Commercial Camera
Professional Camera
Broadcast Camera
2 Camera System
2 Camera Professional w/Quality Switching Package
Professional Camera Specialty Lenses


Consumer Camera Tripod
Commercial Camera Tripod
Professional Camera Tripod
VGA Distribution Amplifier
Magenta (signal over Cat5e) Transmitter
Magenta Multiple Output Transmitter
Magenta (signal over Cat5e) Receiver
HD SDI Converter
HD SDI Distro
“Airwall” Projector Hanger


2,000 Lumen, 4×3 & 16×9 available, XGA & WXGA, standard lens only
4,000 – 5,000, XGA & WXGA, standard lens only
5,000 Lumen, 16×9, full HD, standard lens only
7,000 Lumen, 4×3, XGA, optional lenses
7,000 Lumen, 16×9, full HD, optional lenses
10,000 Lumen, 4×3, XGA, optional lenses
10,000 Lumen, 16×9, full HD
12,000 Lumen, 4×3, XGA, optional lenses
15,000 Lumen,16×9, full HD, optional lenses, 220v
Other projectors up to 30,000 Lumens available
Certain projectors can be stacked to double Lumen output, or for backup

Projector Lenses

Standard Lens 1.8 – 2.4
Short Throw Lens (shorter than 1.8)
Long Throw Lens (longer than 2.4)
Other lenses available


PC Laptop
Mac Laptop
Mac Playback Pro
Show PC


PowerPoint Remote
Perfect Que – professional dual computer Power Point remote with signal light
Digital/VGA Cable
Magenta (signal over Cat5e) transmitter
Magenta Multiple Output Transmitter
Magenta (signal over Cat5e) receiver
VGA Distribution Amplifier
VGA Matrix (4 in and 8 out)
DVI Dsitribution Amplifier

Video / Computer Processing / Switching

Active computer Switcher
Active video Mixer
Scaler / Switcher – cut only
Scaler / Switcher – full HD, cut only
Scaler / Switcher – smooth fade, cut, dual scaler, with preview
Scaler / Switcher – multi layer, multi scaler, matrix show switcher

If you need audio visual service — think AVVR.